A majority of Basque political institutions is against and will not comply with the harsh austerity measures approved by the Spanish Government.

In addition to this firm political stand in defence of Basque interest, the Basque government has made public its intention to bring to court those measures that run contrary to the powers of Euskadi.
In response to this attack on Basque autonomy and well-being, Basque Premier Patxi Lopez has called all Basque political parties and social forces to take a common stand in defence of Basque self-government. Up to this point the «Diputaciones» of Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa have said yes to this proposal and endorse the need to build a common front in defence of Basque self-government. All political actors involved are in favor of a “Basque way out” of the economic crisis.
In contrast, Alava whose government is controlled by the PP has declared its intention to obey Madrid.

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